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Welcome to our Doberman Puppies website where you will see we use phrases like 'puppies doberman' several times.  This is not because we want to sell you a doberman puppy - there are a great many puppy farms and breeders some good some not so good already trying to do that.

But let me ask - why do so many puppies end up in Doberman Rescue?

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You may be tempted to think it's an 'aggression problem' but you would be wrong.  It is very rarely that.  Doberman puppies like all other puppies turn into adults.  Some time around 6 months old that tiny cute puppy doberman has become a nuisance.  Maybe he or she is a chewer a barker or it's owner just doesn't have the time or inclination to devote to an energetic puppy this size.  What a shame these things weren't given a bit of thought earlier!

Our aim is to educate and assuming you arrived here searching for 'puppies doberman' 'doberman puppies for sale' and so on maybe we can make you think twice if you haven't done your homework to ensure that a doberman puppy is the right choice for you.

Let's begin by asking a few questions:

  •  Have you give some thought to the temperament of the doberman breed and whether that is compatible with you and your family?  Read about training dobermans.
  • How much time do you have?  If you want a well behaved dog - you have to work at making that happen.
  • Is the house empty during the day?  Not ideal for any dog but especially a doberman.
  • WHY do you want a doberman?
  • WHY do you want a puppy?

If you intend to show your puppy you should expect to spend around 700 and often more for a well bred doberman puppy.  However no matter what price you pay it's always hit and miss as to how the puppy turns out so what you are left with may well be simply a family pet.  Can you live with that?

And what about temperament?  Try and find a breeder that actually works their dogs.  This way you can be sure they have given a great deal of thought to the whole dog and not just how pretty that puppy may look in the ring.

Be prepared for the breeder to really grill you about you your life and why you want a puppy doberman.  No reputable breeder will just let you buy a puppy.  You will find lots of information on temperament and it would do no harm to compare the standards of others against these very reputable breeders.





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